Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Asher is Four Months Old

Seriously.  He's cute. 

So, here's the low down on four months:
- SLEEP.  This guy bare sleeps at all during the day, but makes it a whopping 10-11 hours over night.  Awe.some.
- He's really getting strong.  LOVES to stand up, sit up, all the ups.
- He's just starting to grab at his feet and at toys.  So cute.  I love this stage
- TEETH!  what?  Yep, AsherBear cut his first tooth one week before the four month mark and the second one came two days later.
- aaaannnnddd - we were really sick this month!  Sweet little guy was at the doctor four times in six days: friday night and sunday night urgent care and then tuesday and wednesday at his pediatrician.  We did tons of breathing treatments, were swabbed for pertussis and flu, had an ear infection, too antibiotics and steroids for leftover lung inflammation from the RSV last month, prayed a lot and FINALLY got better.  AsherBear smiled the whole time - I think he's the only one who did.  The rest of us were tired of those silly ol' breathing treatments!
- We had lots of visits and snuggles from BooBoo while being sick. BooBoo was a HUGE help!
- We got to celebrate Nana's 60th birthday!
- Mommy secretly got some real chuckles from this baby.  Makes my heart so happy!
- Asher loves to read books, he likes to look at the TV when it's on.  He loves his floor time.  I get the biggest smiles when he gets to play on the floor!  He's rolling to his sides easily.
- Your nicknames are still AsherBear, AsherRhino (griffin!), hey buuuudy (griffin), Angel, Baby
- And - believe it or not - your favorite song seems to be "Part of Your World" from the Little Mermaid.  It's not your fault.  For some reason, I started singing this to you and it works every. single. time. to get you to sleep.  In my opinion, you've got great taste!  ;)

- size two diapers
- 6 month clothes (really fits better in 9 month, I think, I just haven't gotten them out yet!)
- 15 pounds 2 ounces (43rd percentile)
- Length 26.5 in (95th percentile)
- head ciruference 17in (90th percentile)

Asher, you have been such a joy to have in this family.  People are beginning to comment on your sweet personality.  We hear this a lot, "He's so happy!"  And you are, sweet boy!  You smile a lot.  I invision your happiness and the joy you bring being part of how you minister to people one day - you already are!  People are also beginning to comment on your beautiful eyes - just like your brother!  Thanks for being such precious part of our family!

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